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"Wade captures the intense emotions of a woman contemplating suicide who is trapped in her body while learning about her power and finding a way to fight for victims. Wade is thoughtful in her narration as she captures the hardened detective who thinks she's seen it all."

AudioFile 2021

"Streaming Sarah"

Melinda was a joy to work with. Her choices made the material both authoritative and engaging. Melinda brought the book to life and infused it with heart. Her expertise and professionalism shone through every step of the way”.

Sally Smith, Editor

“Essential Strategies for Dementia Caregiving: Learning to PACE Yourself"

Melinda Wade 

Audiobook narrator

Wow! Thank you for a great performance narrating my novel 'Laying It All Out There'. AsI listened to the audio files, I was so impressed with the consistent energy in your delivery and your choice of the right emotion for each and every sentence."

 Denise Stallins, author

"Laying It All Out There"

"You are such a brilliant narrator, I love listening to the book. Being able to change your voice like that is truly a gift."

Petra Nicoll, author

"The Billionaire: The Continuum"

"Melinda...Thank you so much for doing such an amazing interpretation of 'Trapped Within'." When I write, I hear a musical cadence in words and you captured that so beautifully. I love the way you gave each character their own personality. You are truly gifted."

JoAnn Glim, author

"Trapped Within

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